Starships is a FREE multiplayer game about high adventure in space. Join a fleet, mine for valuable and exotic materials, trade items, or explore unknown regions of space. Be a starship Captain! Travel to different systems exploring, battling, negotiating, partying and plundering.
Whatever you do, you will need a starship! -Tejas, Owner

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What is Starships and how do you play?

Starships is a FREE web-based Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game. (MMORPG) where thousands and thousands of people share an online community. Starships is written by a professional game creator of 30 years experience, so it is well balanced, planned out, and extremely fun to play. You can join for free right now! As you progress, your starship will gain abilities and increase in power. Your weapons, shields, engines and other features of your starship will gradually improve, and your opponents will become increasingly more powerful. We love our new players and are ready to have you join our community!

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